Who We Are Meet The Team

Brian Donahue

Brian has presented campaign strategy and tactical seminars at numerous campaign schools and has been sourced in several national news outlets including the New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Fox News Channel, Roll Call, The Hill, National Journal, ClickZ and POLITICO. In 2006, he was named a Rising Star by Campaigns & Elections Magazine. Read More

Brian Donahue

Matthew Dybwad

Matthew heads up the digital practice at CRAFT, leading a team of designers, developers, and communicators specializing in digital presence, email marketing, advocacy, fundraising, SEO, UX, and other fun acronyms. Read More

Matthew Dybwad

Justin Germany

Previously Justin was the founder of Outlaw Media, a boutique media consulting firm specializing in Web video. Before founding Outlaw Media, Justin served the McCain campaign as Director of Online Media. Read More

Justin Germany

Jared Michael

Jared brings a wealth of leadership experience to CRAFT’s business and operations. Read more.

Jared Michael

Chief Operating Officer
& General Counsel

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John Randall

John ensures CRAFT remains a leader in the digital space and provides clients with creative and innovative solutions. Read more.

John Randall

Director of Digital

Alex Finland

Since joining CRAFT, Alex has booked clients on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and Fox Business Network, including the top three highest-rated programs on cable news, “The O’Reilly Factor,” “Hannity,” and “On The Record with Greta Van Susteren.” Read more.

Alex Finland

Director of Media Booking

Buck Cram

Buck Cram comes to CRAFT with five years of experience in Republican politics and campaigns. Most recently, Buck served as Campaign Manager for Ricky Gill in California’s 9th Congressional District. Read more.

Buck Cram

Director of Political Accounts

Chelsie Paulson

Chelsie manages CRAFT’s media buying, print design and placement and social media services for multiple clients. Read more.

Chelsie Paulson

Director of Social Media

Lee Doren

Lee specializes in public policy research and analysis. He also focuses on online issue advocacy, which includes reaching out to reporters and bloggers on behalf of clients. Read more.

Lee Doren

Director of Research and Outreach

Joe Greeley

Joe joined the CRAFT team after working as the Production Manager for American Rambler Productions, the in-house advertising arm of Governor Romney’s 2012 Presidential campaign. Read more.

Joe Greeley

Director of Production

Evan Gassman

Evan works to ensure the new business process is as painless for clients as possible. His desire to always be the best in the field helps drive the CRAFT mission of doing exceptional work for exceptional people. Read more.

Evan Gassman

Manager of Business Development

Sinead Casey

Prior to joining CRAFT, Sinead was a Junior Account Manager at Mask Media Co., a public relations, branding & social media consultancy business for individuals, non-profits, businesses & women’s initiatives. Read more.

Sinead Casey

Administrative Coordinator

Lana Tsimberg

As the Human Resource and Operations Manager, Lana is responsible for providing guidance and direction with HR related functions and topics.

Lana Tsimberg

Human Resources and Operations Manager

Travis Holler

Travis comes to CRAFT with four years of experience working in Republican politics and campaigns. Read more.

Travis Holler

Account Manager

Zachary Hanover

Zachary is a Telly Award-winning producer and a Pollie Award-winning editor, and has been with CRAFT’s media team since August 2010. He specializes in media production and post-production.

Zachary Hanover

Media Producer

Cory Maran

Cory helps facilitate new and existing campaigns for clients while lending support to Account Executives across media, digital and public affairs channels. Read more.

Cory Maran

Account Executive

Joe Richards

Joe leads campaigns across the digital and media channels for CRAFT’s political and corporate clients.. Read more.

Joe Richards

Account Executive

Sridhar Shankar

Sri are the champions, my friend. Read more.

Sri Shankar

Digital Production Manager

Danielle Theroux

Danielle leads CRAFT on visual creative for client projects. Read more.

Danielle Theroux

Graphic Designer

Nadav Kessous

Nadav takes raw footage, applies CRAFT’s standards of excellence and his expert touch, and makes video magic. Read more.

Nadav Kessous

Video Editor

Catie Weckenman

Catie Weckenman

Social Media Manager

Chelsea Hurley

Chelsea Hurley

Account Executive

Jess Matsumoto

Jess Matsumoto

Associate Creative Director

Matt Atkinson

Matt Atkinson

Digital Advertising and Marketing Manager

Alice Ly

Alice Ly

Front End Website Developer

Jerry Stephens

Jerry Stephens

Front End Website Developer

Bradley Heinz

Bradley Heinz

Content Analyst

Louisa Tavlas

Louisa Tavlas

Communications and Content Manager

Ashley B. Carter

Ashley Carter

Political Manager

Ken Jaffe

Ken Jaffe

Graphic Web Designer

“Tying online and offline engagement always trumps either of them individually.”
Brian Donahue

What We Do Our Services

CRAFT | Media

The best way to win the hearts and minds of your audience is to tell a story. The best stories are told through the power of video media.  Stunning. Persuasive. Emotional. Still images can be powerful, but the grace and gravity of moving images can capture your audience’s imagination.  We don’t just tell your story – we make people believe. CRAFT occupies a unique space in the world of politics and public affairs, with a creative approach to telling stories and moving messages. CRAFT writes, shoots, edits and produces captivating television ads and web videos.  We understand how to produce media that appeals to audiences online and on network television.  CRAFT’s media tells stories, connects emotionally, moves opinion, and wins awards.  Most importantly CRAFT’s media wins the hearts and minds of voters, consumers and stakeholders.

» Media Portfolio

CRAFT | Digital

CRAFT’s digital team creates online experiences that engage audiences and compel them to take action. CRAFT builds digital content with a creative eye and a strategic mind, custom-tailored to each client.  CRAFT’s team provides clients with a full suite of digital tools.  From websites – to engagement platforms – to mobile apps, CRAFT designs, develops and delivers cutting-edge digital media. Our team has deep expertise working with a variety of technology tools, including content management systems, contact relationship managers, database programs, online donation systems and email platforms. CRAFT’s digital development leads with compelling creative, and is designed for audiences to engage.  Most importantly, CRAFT knows how to make every aspect of a full-scale online effort work together in concert with the broader strategy and objectives.
» Digital Portfolio

CRAFT | Public Affairs

Born out of the political campaign battlefield, CRAFT’s public affairs team understands how to move messages and incite action.  Blogs, social media and online publications have created a world where discussions begin and end in a matter of minutes. CRAFT’s public affairs team effectively monitors and interacts with online activists and news media influencers and leverages its unique relationships with bloggers, activists, journalists and think tanks to generate earned media for clients. CRAFT monitors the online discussion surrounding hot button issues, providing clients with tactical intelligence about how the information battle is moving. CRAFT also leverages its network of influencers to identify allies and build coalitions. CRAFT sifts through information to connect the dots in a way that can proactively drive messages and tell our clients’ stories. Whether you’re navigating a crisis, positioning your brand, or changing your reputation, CRAFT can influence the discussion surrounding your organization and your issues.

CRAFT | Social Management

Social capital is built through strong connections and ensuring the right message reaches the right audience at the right time. CRAFT’s customized social media service has one focus: building social capital.  To accomplish this, CRAFT cultivates audience relationships through the delivery of quality content, appealing creative and cutting-edge strategies to encourage engagement. CRAFT’s unique approach to building social capital is rooted in employing tactics to enforce connectivity. For our clients, CRAFT is the most valuable resource for creating and managing content, by generating copy and creative for customized Twitter, Facebook pages, YouTube and other platforms.

CRAFT | Booking

In a 24-Hour news cycle, there is always a need for more guests, more expert talent. Producers and bookers need a trusted source—a connector—that can link their network of news professionals to quality guest content providers. CRAFT is the only Washington-based agency of its kind to serve the news industry. CRAFT provides news outlets with valuable talent, who drive stories and create interest.  We place our clients on major news networks and programs, showcasing their expertise in politics, business, government and other issues. CRAFT builds unique profiles for clients to create on-air opportunities tailored to their expertise. Our booking clients are thought leaders, industry strategists, authors and key players in the political space. CRAFT Booking is led by Alex Finland, former producer for Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

CRAFT | Creative and Design

For CRAFT, creative is a communications medium.  Creative is our most valuable tool in serving our clients advertising and communications needs.  CRAFT taps our in-house creative talent to produce art and design and manage all creative aspects of branding and marketing strategy and materials. CRAFT provides creative input, direction, and execution of designs from concept through completion for a variety of deliverables, including websites, videos, presentations, proposals, emails, case studies, promotional materials, logos, info-graphics, print and online advertising, and direct mail. We also produce visuals optimized for social channels. CRAFT creates compelling images to convey messages, create emotional responses, and compel audiences.

CRAFT | Advertising

Understanding the dynamics of audience reach is critical for advertising.  CRAFT’s media and digital advertising experts deliver effective and cost efficient ad placement for our clients.  Our team handles every aspect of media and digital advertising trafficking and placement, from final sign-off of creative to delivery. CRAFT provides full media buying and placement services for media and digital. Our media buying team, and our external media placement partners leverage the most powerful research tools in the industry to provide up-to-date metrics, analytics and data. We offer our clients key demographic data intersected with political target information to ensure highest efficiency in advertising targeting. CRAFT provides clients with detailed reports of all spending and advertising placement, including opposition activity and other related parties.  The possibilities for advertising are endless. CRAFT has the resources and expertise to determine how to best serve our clients’ needs and budgets.

“Invalidate my assumptions.”
Matthew Dybwad

When It Happened


Traditional agencies in the public affairs space were failing to deliver. A siloed approach to media was crumbling in the wake of the digital revolution. CRAFT needed to deliver messages and creative in a way that wasn’t siloed and wasn’t defined by the channel, but integrated and optimized for people where they consume information — whether on television, online, mobile, or print media.

We understood the value of the changing behavior of voters, influencers, opinion makers, decision makers, and how they were consuming information. Our vision for bringing together “CRAFT” and “CRAFTers” within the communications space was the model of the future. We were determined to build that model and we were the first on the ideological right to offer services to candidates, firms, associations, and corporations … agnostic to channel, emboldening effectiveness…

Wherever the consumer is, we can reach them with the CRAFT integrated model, and inspire them to take action.

“Barriers are being broken down, walls are being crashed through.”
Justin Germany

Where We Work National Presence

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“If it doesn’t sell, it isn’t creative.”
David Ogilvy

Why We CRAFT Our Approach


“We can’t only focus on winning elections. What matters is changing hearts & minds by affecting people’s lives.”
Brian Donahue

How We Deliver Clients and Case Studies

Aerospace Industries Association

Friends of John McCain

Rep. Kenny Marchant

American Action Network

Galilee Marine Enterprises

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (CA-23)

American Crossroads

Heritage Action for America

Rep. Tom Cotton

American Solutions

Heritage Foundation

Representative Kevin Yoder

Americans for Prosperity

House Republican Campaign Committee

Representative Thaddeus McCotter (MI-11)

Americans for Prosperity Foundation

House Republican Conference

Republican Governor’s Public Policy Committee

Americans for Tax Reform (ATR)

Impacto Group

Republican National Committee

ASU Foundation

International Franchise Association

Republican Party of San Diego

Balance Gym

Joe Wilson for Congress

Republican Party of Texas

Benishek for Congress

Keep America Safe

South Carolina Republican Party

Bruce Westerman for Congress

Keep Israel Safe

Steve House for Governor

Business Roundtable

Kevin McCarthy for Congress

Students for Life of America

Campaign for American Values PAC

Let Freedom Ring

Templeton Press

Carl DeMaio for Mayor

Log Cabin Republicans

Texans for Lamar Smith



The Chairman’s Fund

Center for American Freedom

McSally For Congress

The Libre Initiative

Chris Gibson for Congress

National Association of Business PACs

The Manhattan Institute

Citizens Against Government Waste

National Automatic Merchandising Association

The McCain Institute

Citizens United

National Council of Farmer Cooperatives

The Palladian View

MediaDC, a division of Clarity Media Group

National Republican Senatorial Committee

The Weekly Standard

Coalition for a Connected West

National Restaurant Association

Tom Reed For Congress

College Republican National Committee

National Review, Inc.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Committee to Get Walker Running PAC


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Competitive Enterprise Institute

Office of the Majority Leader

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Global Intellectual Property Center

Crossroads (X-GEN) Generation

Office of the Majority Whip

U.S. Industry Coalition

Dan Sullivan for Senate

Parental Rights

Vern Buchanan for Congress


Porter Gordon Silver Communications

Washington Free Beacon

Emergency Committee For Israel

Prosperity PAC

Wendy Rogers for Congress


Public Notice

Winning Our Future

Faulconer for Mayor 2013

R Street Institute

Wisconsin Recall Action Fund

First Line Technology

Raising Red

YG Network, Inc.

Foundation for Constitutional Government

Rep. Joe Wilson

Yoder for Congress

Freedom First PAC

Mia Love
International Franchise Association
Kansas City Zoo
Heritage Action for America
College Republican National Committee
Keep America Safe
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Republican National Committee
Eric Wargotz
Emergency Committee for Israel
Heritage Libertad
American Action Network
Gary DeLong
Raising Red
Young Guns
The US Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Profiles of Change


The Future of Advertising: CRAFT Helps Roll Out New Ad Technology

Imagine this: You’re driving, you hear an ad for a local pizza joint, and at the end of the ad you say, “Call now.” Your in-car Bluetooth technology takes over, and you’re instantly talking to the restaurant. No need to fumble with your phone. The call is connected automatically.

Does that blow your mind? Well, it blew ours when we first sat down with XAPPmedia to discuss the roll out of their groundbreaking ad technology.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Campaign

Quick, what sites performed best for your most- recent network campaign? What drove the most clicks? What about conversions? Media buyers and planners need to know these answers to key questions to better plan, execute and optimize existing and future campaigns. Yet, many do not, and cannot, know these answers. Why? Because of a lack of transparency.  […]

Masonry Layout Meets Politics

CRAFT is proud to work with Congressman Chris Gibson (NY-19), an Army hero who served our country in uniform for 24 years. Recently, we launched Colonel Gibson’s redesigned campaign website, a non-traditional, tile-themed site that breaks the mold of typical political pages. Our approach was inspired by a geometric, dynamic grid layout that gives gives […]

Read More

“People don’t consume information in a siloed way, they consume it in any way it comes to them.”
Brian Donahue

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