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Jan 19 2017

Ball Tickets?

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★★★ THIS WEEK WE ARE SWEARING IN our new Vice President of Communications, WES BATTLE. Wes’ communications leadership includes twenty years of media, political, military defense, and strategy. He will head CRAFT’s communications and media team. A veteran U.S. Naval Aviator, Wes served as a key advisor and strategist to the Secretary of the Navy, Vice Chief of Naval [READ MORE]

Sep 20 2016

District of CRAFT: What is an Idea Factory?

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“CRAFT IS AN IDEA FACTORY” ★★★ Recently, a trade association CEO proclaimed, “CRAFT is an idea factory.” We like that. As a true differentiator, CRAFT’s investment in creative talent surpasses that of many agencies. Why? The demand for killer content and messaging is rising, and the barriers to creating them are falling. These are good times. [READ MORE]

Jul 13 2016

District of CRAFT: Introducing CRAFT PACs

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  CRAFT-ING PAC SUCCESS ★★★ Today’s PACs need to educate and incentivize in a matter of seconds (try 8). Old school tactics and “playing it safe” are less and less successful because they don’t align with modern consumption habits. Fundraising strategies must combine breakthrough visual content with a mobile-first mindset. After servicing political action committees for more [READ MORE]

Jun 23 2016

District of CRAFT: Do You Know David O’Brien?

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NEW PEOPLE ★★★ DAVID O’BRIEN joins CRAFT as Senior Communications Manager. David served as Press Secretary for Rep. Kevin Brady, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. David is a veteran of HDMK and FOX Business Network. He will develop and execute client communications strategies across traditional and digital media platforms. DAVID O’BRIEN and ROB [READ MORE]

Mar 24 2016


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TELEVISION MEDIA VETERAN, ROB MELICK, TO HEAD CRAFT MEDIA STRATEGY ★★★ ROB MELICK, Emmy award-winning and highly accomplished television executive, who directed the longest running show on network television, Meet the Press, has joined CRAFT Media/Digital. Most recently, Melick was a Director for MSNBC daytime and primetime shows. Previously, Melick was a Director for Fox News Sunday and [READ MORE]

Feb 28 2016

District of CRAFT: We Know Who the Winners Are

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★★★ IT’S AWARD SEASON, AND INSTEAD OF PLAYING ALONG WITH WHAT OTHERS MIGHT RECOGNIZE AS GOOD ADVOCACY OR PUBLIC AFFAIRS WORK, LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO THE CRAFTIES.  We’re bestowing accolades in categories you might not recognize, with takeaways that show how a creative approach wins in today’s changing media environment. As you tackle your 2016 [READ MORE]

Feb 19 2016

District of CRAFT: You need to win. We’ll make it happen.

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CRAFT LAUNCHES CONSUMER ADVOCACY, HEADED BY CORY MARAN ★★★ Changes in media consumption have given birth to a new generation of activists – consumers. These new activists are impacting regulatory and legislative efforts by targeting brands, businesses, and industries. If you aren’t engaging consumers like they’re constituents online, then you’re missing an opportunity to activate [READ MORE]

Dec 22 2015

District of CRAFT: New Year’s Plans

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6 for 16: TRENDS IMPACTING ADVOCACY AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS CAMPAIGNS. ARE YOU THINKING ABOUT THESE NEW TACTICS, TOOLS, AND TECHNOLOGIES?  #1 ALL POLITICS IS LOCAL: Large-scale public affairs campaigns are being replicated at small-scale levels – all the way down to municipalities and school board brawls. In 2015, our local campaigns spanned from western Pennsylvania to Kansas [READ MORE]

Nov 23 2015

District of CRAFT: What Will People Find?

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WHAT WILL PEOPLE FIND WHEN THEY LOOK FOR YOU? ★★★ CRAFT designed and developed a new digital image for three organizations with three separate objectives. ——————————- Did You Know… CRAFT ADDS FOUR MORE. LEIF LARSON, JOSH FALZONE, SARAH FINK, AND ISABELLE LEICHTMAN joined CRAFT. Leif Larson, Political and Advocacy Manager, will develop strategy and advertising [READ MORE]

Oct 22 2015

District of CRAFT: I Have a Few Questions for You

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1. HAVE YOU SEEN THE LATEST FROM CRAFT? When you have talented animators and a ton of client work you’re excited about, you create a video. CRAFT’s list of clients is growing. We’ve been busy designing collateral, filming videos, developing websites, earning media, creating logos, and making ads. To showcase our cutting-edge work, we crafted [READ MORE]