Justin Germany

Justin Germany is a Partner at CRAFT | Media/Digital.

Previously Justin was the founder of Outlaw Media, a boutique media consulting firm specializing in Web video. Before founding Outlaw Media, Justin served the McCain campaign as Director of Online Media.

At Foxhole Productions, Justin wrote, edited and produced hundreds of Web videos and  broadcast advertising pieces. New York Magazine named his Web ad, “The One,” as the most effective ad of the entire 2008 presidential race.

Named a Rising Star by Politics magazine, Justin previously worked on Bush-Cheney ’04 as the eCampaign videographer and editor. His cinéma vérité-inspired work served as a nexus between digital documentary and political messaging that showcased the President on the campaign trail.

The New York Times took note of Justin’s editing and shooting style, describing a movie he filmed and edited for the President’s rallies, “The video stands out … edgy, unpresidential style, with grainy pictures, speeded-up-action and off kilter camera angles shouting out ‘You got a problem with this?’ to anyone under 25.”

He holds a Master’s in Political Management from the George Washington University and received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Communication from Louisiana State University.