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Jun 25 2014

Can You Hear Me Now?

Posted by: John Randall

Vanity = lack of real value; hollowness; worthlessness. Vanity Metrics = See above. Unfortunately, Vanity Metrics—Likes, Opens, and Follows—are exactly what associations, campaigns and companies use to determine success with regard to social and email campaigns. Make no mistake, building these communities is incredibly important, but that is only the beginning of the process. You [READ MORE]

Jun 23 2014


Posted by: CRAFT

O-F-F-E-N-S-E   offense for our victory As mentioned, defense wins games, and breakdowns are heart breaking [cough.. cough.. USA vs. Portugal]. Attacking, making plays, and controlling the tempo are all products of offense in soccer. You can see these same offensive tactics and maneuvers in the execution stage of CRAFT campaigns. Once we have the strategy, [READ MORE]

Jun 20 2014

The Perfect Pitch

Posted by: CRAFT

Soccer — Futbol — The Beautiful Game. World Cup 2014 has kicked off and believers, brands, and band-wagoners are getting in on the action. Much of what it takes to be the best of the best on the pitch also goes on in agencies with creative teams as they put themselves through the same wringer. [READ MORE]

Jun 16 2014

G.O.P.: Getting Out Paced?

Posted by: CRAFT

Recently, I had the honor to deliver the keynote at the first Tech Roanoke Conference.* Winning politics in the digital space is a matter of hot debate. Some say the Left dominates while the GOP is playing catch up. But we’re not playing anymore. While there is always more to learn, the fact is that [READ MORE]

Jun 10 2014

So you want to be the next Spielberg?

Posted by: CRAFT

Since the inception of YouTube and the camera phone the ability to call oneself a filmmaker has been as easy as pressing a button. Setting yourself apart from other amateur auteurs has become paramount, and the recipe for success is minding the fundamentals. The following list outlines the fundamental steps necessary to get the most [READ MORE]

Jun 05 2014

Before They Were CRAFTers…

Posted by: CRAFT

“Experience is the teacher of all things.” – Julius Caesar At CRAFT, the diversity of our team members’ experiences contributes to how we approach our work… every day. On the political battlefront, it’s easy to forget where you came from. So we asked our team to remind us, or in many cases, to tell us [READ MORE]

Jun 03 2014

The Creativity Behind the CRAFT

Posted by: CRAFT

Thirteen milliseconds. According to MIT, that is how long it takes the human brain to process visual content. This statistic is not lost on marketers who aim to immediately engage consumers. Suddenly overwhelmed with visuals, good design is what helps consumers sort through the good, the bad and the ugly. In the rush to meet [READ MORE]