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Jul 17 2014

Understanding Visual Terminology

Posted by: CRAFT

American designer Charles Eames defined design as “A plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” The basic components of visual compositions are broken down into “elements” and “principles.” These have a range of applications, from classical paintings and photography to more contemporary utilizations of advertising and UI/UX [READ MORE]

Jul 02 2014

What Political Web Ads Can Learn from this Year’s Cannes Lions Winners

Posted by: CRAFT

The Cannes Lions recently announced their winners, ranging from Volvo’s genius “The Epic Split” commercial to Harvey Nichol’s hilarious “Sorry I spent it on myself” campaign. While all unique, each winner shares a distinct trait – they all cater to the specific tastes of the Internet. The Internet is a tricky beast. Its users can [READ MORE]