March 2015 - CRAFT Media Digital - PR News 2017 Digital Agency of the year

CRAFT Creates Award Winning Website

Pollies Social Graphic05

CRAFT’s work for the Chris Gibson campaign won back to back Pollie and Reed awards this year.

CRAFT won the Silver Pollie in the Internet Division for Best Use of Negative/Contrast at the Pollies Awards for NY-19 Makes the Call, a contrast site for Chris Gibson’s re-election campaign. This is an addition to winning Best Microsite at this year’s Reed Awards.

The NY-19 Makes the Call site provided an immersive parallax user experience and unique design elements to showcase the stark differences between Rep. Chris Gibson and his opponent.

Ultimately, voters were given the opportunity to make their own decision on who was a better candidate and who better represented New York’s 19th District.

Check out this award winning site for yourself:

During our company meeting, CRAFT partner Brian Donahue posed this question to the team, “If you could have dinner with any famous creative person, dead or alive, who would it be?”

Check out the CRAFTers dream dinner dates:

Elise- Roger Ebert
Catie- Taylor Swift
Danielle- Quentin Tarantino
John- Bill Watterson
Morgan- Mindy Kaling
Nadav- Andy Warhol
Joe G.- George Harrison
Ken- Alexander Calder
Alice- Nicki Minaj
Zach- Wes Anderson
Bryan- Notorious B.I.G.
Mason- Bono
Travis- Salvador Dali
Sri- AR Rahman
Mitch- Denzel Washington
Corey- Bill Murray
Alex- Matthew Weiner
Evan R.- Francisco de Goya
Joe R.- Jack Nicholson
Stephanie- George Strait
Justin- Yoko Ono
Lana- Willie Nelson
Jim- George Lucas
Sinead- Hunter Thompson
Matt- Trey Ratcliffe
Matthew- Dave Grohl
Brian- David Oglivy
Louisa- Bob Woodward