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Jun 30 2015

Do You Know What June 30th Is?

Posted by: CRAFT

SOCIAL MEDIA IS HERE TO STAY ★★★Today, marks the 6th annual social media day or #SMDay. Whether you tweet, post, snap or insta, you have to agree that social media has a profound impact on our lives, influencing the way we shop, work, exercise, travel, and vote. SIX KEY SOCIAL MEDIA TAKEAWAYS FOR COMMUNICATIONS EXPERTS [READ MORE]

Jun 02 2015

District of CRAFT: Ever Wonder How They Build Those Huge Cranes?

Posted by: CRAFT

EVER WONDER HOW THEY BUILD THOSE HUGE CRANES? ★★★ We did. CRAFT CLIENT MILLER & LONG CHALLENGED OUR TEAM TO VISUALLY CAPTURE THE ASSEMBLY OF A CONSTRUCTION TOWER CRANE. As you can see, only a video can do the process justice, showing the giant crane coming to life next door, just one block from the [READ MORE]