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Apr 19 2021

Social Impact: A Communications Imperative

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Organizations that don’t effectively communicate the depth and breadth of their social impact will be left behind. A recent global marketing study by Deloitte found that 55% of consumers believe organizations today “have a greater responsibility to act on issues related to their purpose.” The study also found that a whopping 80% of consumers are [READ MORE]

Mar 23 2021

2020 Changed Everything—Advertising Included

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CRAFT’s 3 Takeaways for Advertising Now  Unprecedented. Disruptive. Industry-altering. The common denominator? You guessed it: COVID-19. We all know that the pandemic changed our “normal,” but as we mark the first full year of lockdown, we’ve reflected on how this new environment impacts advertising.  As the global health crisis spread across the nation, the NATIONAL [READ MORE]

Feb 03 2021


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2021 has brought a wave of change to Washington, DC. Organizations and industries are vying for the attention of President Biden, his administration, and policymakers. With a divided nation, brands are facing challenges on how to approach consumer advocacy — especially when consumerism and activism are becoming increasingly intertwined.  CRAFT’s Brian Donahue recently participated in [READ MORE]

Aug 07 2020


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Written by: Sinead Casey, VP of Client Solutions Our time apart and the historic moments that have rocked our country have redefined what coming together really means. As our sense of community evolves, so will our definition of—and expectations for—gatherings, connectedness, experiences, and events. Here are three big trends we see for the future of events:  [READ MORE]

Apr 24 2020

CRAFT Profiled in PRWeek’s Biggest Annual Review

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CRAFT Named ‘Up and Coming Agency’ in PRWeek’s Annual Agency Business Report Each year, PRWeek reveals its Annual Agency Business Report, considered the top source covering the PR agency world and, by extension, trends shaping the communications industry. This year, CRAFT has the honor of being profiled among an elite list of 40 agencies worldwide including APCO, Ogilvy, Burson, [READ MORE]

Apr 22 2020


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We all have special ties to our favorite D.C. local businesses and feel personally connected to the difficulties they are facing today. The staff at these businesses have become a part of our extended family over the years. We want to highlight a few businesses that are particularly special to CRAFT. Below are some of [READ MORE]

Aug 08 2019

5 PR Trends Now

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  BRIAN DONAHUE Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) AS THE NEW PROBIOTIC Today, more than ever, companies are active in social issues. As audiences and consumers have evolved their relationships with brands, the focus on sustainability has only grown as a factor in affinity. Therefore, it’s not surprising that corporate social responsibility has risen with heightened [READ MORE]

May 14 2019

CRAFTing Influencer Experiences

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CRAFT DELIVERS 3RD BLOCKBUSTER WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENTS’ EVENT ★★★ After a smashing event last year at the BRITISH EMBASSY, CRAFT partnered with THE HILL to produce another memorable White House Correspondents’ event — Politics Without Prejudice: A Toast to Freedom of the Press. The event delivered world-class entertainment to Washington’s elite, with a special performance by Grammy Award-winning musician and music journalist QUESTLOVE. [READ MORE]

Mar 07 2019


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CRAFT’S CLIENTS WIN THE TWO TOP PRESTIGIOUS AWARDS FROM THE PAC COMMUNITY CRAFT is proud to partner with two leading Political Action Committees (PACs) recognized with highest honors from the PAC community’s top organizations. CRAFT client INTERNATIONAL PAPER was recognized this week in Miami as The Public Affairs Council’s Outstanding Corporate PAC of the Year. [READ MORE]

Jan 10 2019

What is your American Dream?

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WHAT IS YOUR AMERICAN DREAM? This morning, a CRAFT-produced video opened U.S. Chamber of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue’s State of American Business address. We’re proud to have partnered with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on a piece that celebrates #AmericanDreams and the ideals — aspiration, perseverance, courage and creativity — that link us all. As [READ MORE]