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Sep 15 2017

Everybody hands go up…

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★★★ Winning feels good. That’s why we strive to win for our clients every day. It’s in our DNA. Over the past few months, CRAFT has racked up a few wins of our own. Check out some of our work and our team gaining recognition from fellow communications colleagues and professionals.   PLATINUM PR & AGENCY [READ MORE]

Jul 28 2017

District of CRAFT: The B.A.T. tax was a BAD tax.

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CRAFT CONGRATULATES THE NATIONAL RETAIL FEDERATION AS CONGRESS DROPS BORDER ADJUSTMENT TAX ★★★ The B.A.T. tax was a BAD tax. To protect American consumers and small business owners, The National Retail Federation partnered with CRAFT to produce a provocative and award-winning campaign to stop a job-killing, everything tax. Congressional leadership put the final nail in the coffin [READ MORE]

Jun 13 2017

DISTRICT OF CRAFT: Seriously, you know everyone

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REFERRALS NEEDED CRAFT is growing. We are looking for the right people to join our team and support our expanding group of high-profile clients. ★★★ COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR: The CRAFT Communications Director sits at the intersection of traditional PR, digital media, brand marketing, and advocacy. You’re media agnostic and excel at turning complicated policy issues into easily communicated and [READ MORE]

Jun 06 2017

District of CRAFT: You Know These Players

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CRAFTING BIG MEDIA BEYOND THE BELTWAY CRAFT expands its client and partnership networks into Hollywood and professional sports. BRINGING THE HOLLYWOOD HEAT TO THE CAPITOL ★★★ CRAFT supported a fly-in for The Creative Coalition and Hollywood actors lobbying Capitol Hill ahead of the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. The Creative Coalition CEO, ROBIN BRONK, and actors TIM DALY  (“Madam Secretary”), [READ MORE]

May 22 2017

District of CRAFT: I can set up an introduction

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TOP-TIER CLIENTS REQUIRE TOP TALENT ★★★ Industry ace Becky Boles joins CRAFT as Senior Vice President. Her leadership in strategic communications makes her the perfect fit to support CRAFT’s ever-growing list of leading associations, brands, and ‘Fortune 500’ clients. Becky joins CRAFT from APCO Worldwide where she was a Senior Vice President and Group Practice Leader. She [READ MORE]

Jan 19 2017

Ball Tickets?

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★★★ THIS WEEK WE ARE SWEARING IN our new Vice President of Communications, WES BATTLE. Wes’ communications leadership includes twenty years of media, political, military defense, and strategy. He will head CRAFT’s communications and media team. A veteran U.S. Naval Aviator, Wes served as a key advisor and strategist to the Secretary of the Navy, Vice Chief of Naval [READ MORE]

Sep 20 2016

District of CRAFT: What is an Idea Factory?

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“CRAFT IS AN IDEA FACTORY” ★★★ Recently, a trade association CEO proclaimed, “CRAFT is an idea factory.” We like that. As a true differentiator, CRAFT’s investment in creative talent surpasses that of many agencies. Why? The demand for killer content and messaging is rising, and the barriers to creating them are falling. These are good times. [READ MORE]

Aug 03 2016

Instagram believes in ghosts. Do you?

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ICYMI: Instagram unleashed its newest update yesterday — Instagram Stories — and it looks just like Snapchat. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The social media jury is still out. Our take on this… at the end of the day, platforms are simply formats. It all comes down to well-crafted, timely content. [READ MORE]

Jul 13 2016

District of CRAFT: Introducing CRAFT PACs

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  CRAFT-ING PAC SUCCESS ★★★ Today’s PACs need to educate and incentivize in a matter of seconds (try 8). Old school tactics and “playing it safe” are less and less successful because they don’t align with modern consumption habits. Fundraising strategies must combine breakthrough visual content with a mobile-first mindset. After servicing political action committees for more [READ MORE]

Jun 23 2016

District of CRAFT: Do You Know David O’Brien?

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NEW PEOPLE ★★★ DAVID O’BRIEN joins CRAFT as Senior Communications Manager. David served as Press Secretary for Rep. Kevin Brady, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. David is a veteran of HDMK and FOX Business Network. He will develop and execute client communications strategies across traditional and digital media platforms. DAVID O’BRIEN and ROB [READ MORE]