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May 08 2014

“Please Use This Song” and the Rise of Licensed Music in Advertising

Posted by: CRAFT

Music is a powerful tool in advertising. It can define a brand identity or help target the ideal audience. From the catchy ad jingles that dominated postwar American radio and television to the indie-pop music that lingers in modern commercials, advertisers have used music to get their brands into our heads—sometimes years after their campaigns [READ MORE]

May 06 2014

CRAFT Reading List

Posted by: CRAFT

“The man who does not read good books is no better than the man who can’t.” — Mark Twain Below you will find the reading selections of everyone at CRAFT. This list is not made up of our “favorite” reads, but rather the books that made us think, laugh, learn, and grow. These are the [READ MORE]

May 05 2014

Does chewing gum make you immune to advertising?

Posted by: CRAFT

For most of us going to the movies means two things: lots of trailers and lots of snacks. It turns out, however, that the popcorn and chewing gum you’re indulging in may actually be effecting the way your brain receives advertisements. A recent study published in the Journal of Commercial Psychology suggests that the simple [READ MORE]

May 01 2014

Why CRAFT built Levers

Posted by: CRAFT

Programmatic ad buying, which is what CRAFT Levers does, plugs into and enhances every part of a campaign. As the latest installment of AdExchanger’s Data-Driven Thinking points out, programmatic advertising, while not a strategy in and of itself, is strategic in its application. Programmatic is the hub at the center of any integrated digital marketing [READ MORE]

Nov 14 2013

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Campaign

Posted by: John Randall

Quick, what sites performed best for your most- recent network campaign? What drove the most clicks? What about conversions? Media buyers and planners need to know these answers to key questions to better plan, execute and optimize existing and future campaigns. Yet, many do not, and cannot, know these answers. Why? Because of a lack of transparency.  [READ MORE]

Sep 09 2013

CRAFT’s John Randall Looks Into the Future of Digital (Q&A)

Posted by: CRAFT

CRAFT is bound by talented individuals who share creative aptitude, technological expertise, strategic thinking, and political or public affairs campaign experience. John Randall shares all of these. John Randall’s experience, skills, and talents make him perfectly suited for the job as CRAFT’s Director of Digital. We know all about John’s thoughts on digital strategy and thought we’d share [READ MORE]

Aug 12 2013

CRAFT Wins 2013 Google Engage All-Star Competition

Posted by: CRAFT

We are excited to announce that CRAFT | Media/Digital has been named a 2013 Google Engage All-Star.  Digital Advertising and Marketing Specialist, Andrew Burk, managed the online advertising campaigns during the length of the contest. This win represents CRAFT’s ability to achieve growth for our clients by both meeting and exceeding specific online advertising and [READ MORE]

Aug 01 2013

Using GIF’s Effectively

Posted by: CRAFT

You’ve probably heard the word GIF thrown around lately. GIF is the acronym for graphics interchange format. They’ve made a comeback online in the past few years thanks to online channels such as tumblr, reddit, and even Twitter. Once a forgotten relic of the dot com boom, gifs now present an interesting marketing and communications [READ MORE]

Jun 10 2013

Shooting ‘Man-on-the-Street’ Interviews

Posted by: CRAFT

You’ve seen them on your local news, late night talk shows, and every manner of web videos. It’s one way we capture the thoughts and ideas of every day people, instead of actors or paid spokespersons.

Jun 04 2013

Storify: What is it Good For?

Posted by: CRAFT

The massive growth of social media in recent years is both a gift and a curse. On one hand, sites like Twitter and Facebook give everyone a chance to contribute to the online conversation.