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Aug 28 2014

CRAFTing the Brand

Posted by: CRAFT

According to Forbes, the three most valuable brands in the world are Apple, Microsoft and Coca-Cola. There aren’t many names on the Forbes list of top one-hundred brands that don’t evoke a mental image: logo, advertisement or experiential memory of one of their products. It is not a coincidence that the names in this list [READ MORE]

Jul 17 2014

Understanding Visual Terminology

Posted by: CRAFT

American designer Charles Eames defined design as “A plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” The basic components of visual compositions are broken down into “elements” and “principles.” These have a range of applications, from classical paintings and photography to more contemporary utilizations of advertising and UI/UX [READ MORE]

Jun 10 2014

So you want to be the next Spielberg?

Posted by: CRAFT

Since the inception of YouTube and the camera phone the ability to call oneself a filmmaker has been as easy as pressing a button. Setting yourself apart from other amateur auteurs has become paramount, and the recipe for success is minding the fundamentals. The following list outlines the fundamental steps necessary to get the most [READ MORE]

Jun 03 2014

The Creativity Behind the CRAFT

Posted by: CRAFT

Thirteen milliseconds. According to MIT, that is how long it takes the human brain to process visual content. This statistic is not lost on marketers who aim to immediately engage consumers. Suddenly overwhelmed with visuals, good design is what helps consumers sort through the good, the bad and the ugly. In the rush to meet [READ MORE]