Bryan Levine - CRAFT Media Digital - PR News 2017 Digital Agency of the year

Bryan Levine

Bryan leads an award-winning team of video editors, graphic designers, and motion graphics artists, in addition to managing creative resourcing agency-wide. Bryan guides his team to push the boundaries of creativity on everything from social media posts for grassroots advocacy programs, annual reports for Fortune 500 companies, animated GIFs, run-and-gun man-on-the-street interviews, to Hollywood-quality film shoots, and more.   

Bryan has worn many hats and participated at all levels of the production process, from editor and videographer, to lead producer. Bryan delivers cutting-edge creative for trade associations, such as the National Retail Federation’s “Tariffs are Bad” issue advocacy campaign featuring Ben Stein. Corporate branding and event creative for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and a long-standing Youtube series “Conversations with Bill Kristol” are just the tip of the iceberg for some of the Telly and PR News Award-winning work Bryan has overseen.

A veteran of the DC bartending and restaurant industry, Bryan is always on the lookout for a new recipe to tackle, as long as it does not interrupt his softball schedule.