Erik Skoglund

Erik Skoglund is a Senior Graphic Designer at CRAFT | Media/Digital.

With over a decade of experience in print & digital design, Erik brings a broad & deep reservoir of skills to every project. More importantly, he brings a spirit of collaboration to all his work.

Prior to joining CRAFT Erik worked various roles: in-house, agency, and freelance. He’s designed and built websites for clients in a diverse set of industries, including education, non-profit, legal, manufacturing, and public sector, as well as executing branding and a wide variety of print work. At AFFIRM — a full-service marketing agency in Wisconsin — his design work on two separate award-winning mobile apps was critical in campaigns to reduce drunk driving in Wisconsin and New York.

Outside of work you’ll likely find him taking his turn reading to and changing his baby’s diapers, roaming the DMV on his motorcycle, searching for the best coffee in DC with his wife, or relishing whatever speculative fiction he’s most recently gotten his hands on.