Evan Gassman

Evan Gassman is the Vice President of Client Solutions at CRAFT | Media/Digital.

Evan is a tenured communications strategist hellbent on winning for his clients. Whether it’s stopping an asinine “destination-based cash flow tax” proposal (rebranded as “the BAT Tax” via his award-winning work) dead in its tracks, or vanquishing outdated misconceptions about the U.S. auto industry (14 automakers build cars in America, not three), no challenge is too big for him to face head on.
Evan brings a unique blend of digital and creative experience to CRAFT, helping the firm as it builds and maintains online ecosystems and “outside-the-box” content for its corporate, trade association, and coalition clients. Don’t tell Evan an issue is too “boring” for compelling creative — he’s already helped demonstrate the value of the capital markets via a 1930s-era newsreel and advocate the benefits of new-generation refrigerants by branding a coalition with a purple “Memphis pattern.”
Prior to joining CRAFT, Evan worked in the digital agency space building and maintaining online ecosystems for clients such as American Honda, the National Association of Convenience Stores, the Pharmaceutical and Research Manufacturers of America, and the Retail Industry Leaders Association. Additionally, he served as a spokesman at a nationwide conservative nonprofit focused on student outreach, where he built and protected the organization’s brand online.