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When NRF was struggling to communicate about complex trade negotiations, CRAFT hired Ben Stein to recreate his iconic “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” scene, where he lectured students on the negative economic impact of tariffs. Stein reinforced to the President that tariffs are taxes paid by American companies and consumers. We produced the spot by matching the original scene with a modernized script. We created multiple spots and promoted them on NRF’s social platforms, online media outlets, emails to the board and NRF membership, YouTube, and NRF.com. We ran a digital and TV media campaign, with prominent spots on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends,” ABC’s “Roseanne,” and NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.”

The campaign resulted in 70 mentions of NRF in top media outlets, like The New York Times, Politico, The Washington Post, and The Hill. In the first week of the campaign, the video had over 510,000 views. The digital ads delivered 2.5 million impressions and over 12,000 people visited the campaign website, tariffsarebad.com.