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District of CRAFT: Introducing CRAFT PACs



★★★ Today’s PACs need to educate and incentivize in a matter of seconds (try 8). Old school tactics and “playing it safe” are less and less successful because they don’t align with modern consumption habits.

Fundraising strategies must combine breakthrough visual content with a mobile-first mindset.

After servicing political action committees for more than 6 years, CRAFT is officially launching CRAFT PACs — providing strategy, creative, and advertising for the future of the PAC community.


Social media isn’t just for millennials. If your donors and prospects are “adults,” chances are they are on social media. Last year Pew Research Center reported that 65% of adults use social media.

★★★ CRAFT TACTIC: PAC content needs to be social media savvy for all generations: visually appealing, to the point, and easily digestible.

If it isn’t visual, it won’t sell. There’s a reason Instagram and Snapchat are the fastest growing communication platforms. They use pictures and videos to tell stories.

★★★ CRAFT TACTIC: Say it with a picture. Good creative doesn’t have to be expensive. It just has to be authentic.

Mobile is 🔑. The average time spent per day on mobile devices last year was 177 minutes—more than TV (168). Look up from your smartphone if you fall into this category.

★★★ CRAFT TACTIC: Try to explain it within two thumb swipes or 15 seconds. Emails, videos, and graphics should be designed for consumption on a mobile device.


★★★ Building a powerful PAC brand is the key to making people remember, act, and give. Email us and let’s start CRAFT-ing something together!

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★ Fundraising toolkits
★ Sharable infographics
★ Killer presentation decks
★ PAC brand and logo development
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