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Don’t Confuse CRAFT With Kraft

While we’re inspired to create our own take on the viral Sweden Tourism Board campaign: “Welcome to Sweden (not Switzerland,)” — this is all about CRAFT Client, The Embassy of Switzerland’s response. 

Sweden’s clever campaign to address confusion between the two nations follows a series of blunders by world leaders, including President Joe Biden. It delivers a straightforward message: “Don’t Confuse Sweden with Switzerland!”

We may be biased — but what came next is our favorite part. 

The Embassy of Switzerland in the U.S. produced a light-hearted video, where from his office Swiss Ambassador Jacques Pitteloud acknowledges the differences and similarities between the two countries.

Driving home a message that goes beyond cultural differences, Ambassador Pitteloud cites key economic data featured on the Embassy’s “SWISS IMPACT” site, which CRAFT designed and developed.

The SWISS IMPACT initiative emphasizes the profound bilateral partnership between Switzerland and the United States, while highlighting the importance of global collaboration in addressing international challenges.

Ambassador Pitteloud highlighted this in his response to Sweden — a perfect example of how to join the conversation and generate awareness for SWISS IMPACT. 

Our key takeaways: 

  • You can own your contrast messaging without being antagonistic: Both videos deliver positive messages about their nations. Collaborative, civil, educational, and productive messaging is something everyone in Washington can aspire to.
  • Education and entertainment: Humor is a powerful tool. The videos combine light-hearted fun with education. And the Swiss Embassy was prepared to engage because SWISS IMPACT is a ready resource to amplify their message.
  • Don’t be afraid to respond: Switzerland’s quick and clever comeback takes advantage of the viral spotlight and generates awareness for its campaign. The timely response is key and keeps the buzz going for both countries, maximizing impact. 

Thanks to the beautiful countries of Switzerland and Sweden for this week’s marketing inspiration. 

One last thought: When it comes to our misnomer, we acknowledge that Kraft Mac & Cheese makes an excellent snack. But CRAFT is the brand you want for your advocacy and advertising campaigns. 


In a world of mistaken identities, the recent Sweden vs. Switzerland mix-up led to a clever exchange highlighting the power of positive contrast messaging. Ambassador Pitteloud’s playful response emphasizing #SWISSIMPACT – a website project designed by CRAFT – is a lesson in impactful advocacy. Let’s learn from this engaging diplomatic exchange. 🇨🇭🇸🇪

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The mix-up between Sweden and Switzerland sparked a delightful exchange that combined humor, education, and national pride. Switzerland’s response, led by Ambassador Jacques Pitteloud, showcased the power of quick, clever messaging and emphasized the impactful #SWISSIMPACT initiative – a website project designed by CRAFT. Let’s take notes on impactful advocacy and positive engagement from this diplomatic masterclass. 🇨🇭🇸🇪


Mixing humor with education, the Sweden-Switzerland confusion turned into a lesson in diplomatic finesse. Ambassador Pitteloud’s response cleverly highlighted #SWISSIMPACT, – a website project designed by CRAFT – proving that positive contrast messaging can be powerful and engaging. Let’s take notes on impactful communication.