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Check Out Brian Donahue on PBS NewsHour!

CRAFT Partner Brian Donahue joined host Judy Woodruff of PBS NewsHour on Thursday night to discuss The White House’s State of the Union social media strategy.

Brian offered,  “It’s no longer the State of the Union, it’s #SOTU,” referencing the popular trending Twitter hashtag.  On the significance of using social media, Brian stated, “Any time that a political leader, including the president, is engaging audiences and is helping them to carry his message forward into new networks and places, that’s effective. That is the way new media works these days.”

The way people are learning about the latest presidential initiatives has dramatically changed.  Traditional media used to be the premier opportunity for the president to engage with the pubic around The State of the Union.  Social media has now amplified that ability to spread the president’s message.

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Watch the full segment below: