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Expanding our Scope

At CRAFT, we take pride in our cutting-edge tools and techniques. That’s why we are proud to announce the latest addition to our video production arsenal: the Sony FS-100.

Why the FS-100? For a time, our media production team relied heavily on Canon 5D MKIIs until we purchased a RED Scarlet-X – which, of course, changed everything.


RED Scarlet-X

Our team needed something that could compliment the raw power and image quality that the Scarlet produces. We also wanted a device that would help simplify our workflows in post-production.

The Sony FS-100 features a Super 35mm sensor, equivalent in size to Super 35mm cameras such as the Sony PMW-F3—but for a fraction of the cost. This gives the camera a range of capabilities including incredible depth-of-field and beautifully detailed full-resolution HD video.

With the addition of a Metabones EF lens adapter, which allows us to use our Canon EF lenses with the FS-100, a powerful combination was born.

Regarding audio, the FS-100’s dual XLR inputs are a huge factor that we considered, and free us from syncing audio in post.

When you combine interchangeable lenses across brands, a top-shelf image sensor, direct audio inputs, and numerous other features, it becomes clear why we chose the Sony FS-100.

Canon 5D (T) vs Sony FS-100 (B): Accurate skintones and a closer match to RED

There are some drawbacks, however. General camera body design is lacking in simplicity. Audio and video inputs are placed awkwardly on the camera body, and can create headaches for cable management. The side handle is difficult to adjust and blocks access to the entire right side of the camera. The viewfinder box is bulky and obtrusive.

Nothing is perfect, particularly in video production. But quality is undeniable.

Our clients hire us because we deliver top quality products, and the Sony FS-100 is a top quality camera.

We are excited to deploy our new tools in the field as we continue to produce the best work in the industry on behalf of our clients.

Special thanks to CRAFT intern Seth Guidry for posing in the pictures above.

Zachary Hanover is a Media Producer at CRAFT | Media / Digital. Zachary shoots and edits as a component of CRAFT’s award-winning media team, and produced several pieces that were featured by major news outlets during the 2012 election cycle. You can reach Zachary via email at zhanover@craftdc.com or on Twitter (@zhanover).