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Storify: What is it Good For?

The massive growth of social media in recent years is both a gift and a curse.

On one hand, sites like Twitter and Facebook give everyone a chance to contribute to the online conversation.

On the other hand, having so many competing voices can make social media seem like one big Darwinian experiment: a ferocious survival of the smartest, quickest and wittiest.

Even then, the average lifespan of the perfect post is no more than a few fleeting moments. In a few day’s time, especially poignant posts are forgotten along with the irrelevant and obscure posts.

Enter Storify. The site seeks to “make sense of what people post on social media.” On the platform, the most important voices can be brought together and turned into lasting stories.

Storify lets users pull the best tweets, posts, photos, videos and other social content from across the web into a simple, linear timeline that can be published and embedded anywhere.

These unique features have caught the attention of some of the most credible traditional news media outlets like ABC, CNN and The Washington Post (just to name a few) and even helped the Denver Post win a Pulitzer Prize this year.

Whether it’s reliving the final moments of a championship game, chronicling a historic evening, or holding public officials accountable, Storify is changing the way events are captured and news is approached.

Take Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People, for example. After reading the article, CRAFT did some research and found 65 of those mentioned have active Twitter handles. That prompted us to comb through their feeds, choose one great tweet from each and voila, a story was born (See below).

Check it out, make your own and enjoy!