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Vice President


Sri helps build and lead CRAFT's award-winning digital technology team, tapping over a decade of information technology experience, delivering products and campaigns with creative and successful solutions. As a leader, Sri offers a blend of data, technology, and business acumen to support digital transformation efforts that deliver on client objectives.

As Head of Technology, Sri oversees all aspects of SDLC and maintenance of products, websites, and marketing campaigns, and specializes in user experience, strategic planning, data modeling, web development, server implementation, benchmarking performance, and implementing alternate hardware and software solutions. 

Sri comes to CRAFT from DCI Group, where he developed open-source responsive CMS systems, custom modules, plug-ins to support various functionalities. He has also worked for Citibank as a Senior Technical Associate and for Benq-Siemens as a Software Engineer.

Sri holds a Master's degree in Information Systems from George Mason University and a BS in Engineering in Information Technology from the University of Mumbai.

In his spare time, Sri loves adventure sports and is a die-hard cricket fan. He recently adopted a Goldendoodle puppy named Kulfi and enjoys spending time with his best friend.

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