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2020 Changed Everything—Advertising Included

CRAFT’s 3 Takeaways for Advertising Now 

Unprecedented. Disruptive. Industry-altering. The common denominator? You guessed it: COVID-19. We all know that the pandemic changed our “normal,” but as we mark the first full year of lockdown, we’ve reflected on how this new environment impacts advertising. 

As the global health crisis spread across the nation, the NATIONAL RETAIL FEDERATION enlisted CRAFT to launch a national consumer education campaign in the lead up to the holiday shopping season. We developed our “Shop Safe, Shop Early” campaign to support retailers, encourage consumers to shop early, and promote safe shopping practices in the face of the global pandemic. 

Here are some of our learnings for advertising in a post-2020 world:

  • CREATE CONNECTIONS: In a year of quarantine and social distancing, people are eager to embrace “normal” traditions and build connections with loved ones. In the “Shop Safe, Shop Early” campaign, we encouraged consumers to check holiday shopping off their to-do list early to avoid last-minute stresses and to enjoy a healthy holiday season with family. Meet consumers where they are — provide solutions and express shared emotions.

  • GET CREATIVE WITH ONLINE MEDIUMS: The virus continues to keep people at home and audiences’ consumption habits — primarily online — have changed. Our days are consumed with video, so leverage shorter content on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and pre-roll. The highest performing creative for the NRF campaign was this 15-second ad. Take advantage of connected TV options like Samsung and Hulu or placements around live events happening via on-demand channels like ESPN. 

  • SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY: Audiences will be unforgiving to brands that fail to demonstrate a commitment to health, safety, and COVID protocols. The NRF campaign featured retailers and shoppers wearing masks, social distancing, online shopping, and connecting with loved ones virtually. These themes underscored the importance of consumer safety and the fact that traditions can live on amid the pandemic. 

Messaging strategies must evolve to meet the changes presented by our current environment—is your advertising keeping up?