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Certified CRAFT

Every frame, every element.

Every detail in an ad builds upon the next to create a moving image that sings, inspires and drives action. CRAFT’s team of copywriters, producers, editors and creative technologists exists to push the limits of media production by mastering these details. We speak the language of Adobe Premiere and After Effects, alpha layers and key frames. We translate technology to shift the conversation forward, lift our clients’ brand and move issues. With every creative decision, we build something meaningful to make our clients break through the clutter.

Inspired by that devil in the details, CRAFT is excited to announce that twice a week, we’ll feature one video from our YouTube portfolio and explain a technique that makes that ad unique. Each video highlight will focus on an element, skill, strategy or tactic, giving you a glimpse into our creative minds – It’s dangerous in here, Don’t say we didn’t warn you. We’ll discuss the integrated strategies that make them successful and keep our clients coming back for more.

Why? For starters, in 2012 alone we produced over 100 TV ads and 300 web videos for clients ranging from candidate campaigns to the automotive industry. Rather than treat all 400 pieces alike, we thought we would give each ad its moment in the spotlight. We also believe in sharing knowledge. We want to show our creative process to spark discussion and continue to challenge the conventional norms of advertising and production. We hope you enjoy our Election Collection rollout!

Who? The CRAFT Production Team.

When? Every Tuesday and Thursday.

Where? Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Our content will find you.

At CRAFT, we know the old strategies are no longer the best way to move issues or win elections. It’s time for creative that sells. The bar has been raised. Faithfully, we step up to the plate.

Kate Galliers is the Director of Media Production at CRAFT | Media / Digital. Kate is a Pollie and Telly Award-winning producer and editor with five years’ experience in media production, marketing and communications. Since joining CRAFT in 2010, Kate has overseen the production of over 750 unique pieces of traditional and new media, as well as dozens of TV/video shoots.