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How to Create a Compelling Infographic

Infographics are everywhere nowadays. Explaining everything from if you should work for free to the relative value of one billion dollars. Communicating complex information in a visually appealing way is the ultimate goal of every infographic. Unfortunately, infographics can be confusing, hard to read, or lack valuable unique information. Here are 5 questions to consider when you’re thinking about creating or commissioning the next great infographic.

  1. Is your information unique and valuable? Infographics have been around for a while, used prominently in manuals explaining how products work or how they should be assembled. Why do people keep and refer to user-manuals? Not for the stunning line art, but because they need the information. The best way to start creating a great infographic is starting with information that is valuable or unique. Providing the viewer with a checklist or guide or questionnaire, like the one here, encourages them to keep and share it with friends.
  2. Is the information best served with an infographic? If you’re trying to visualize a complex process or service, or deliver various sets of data, I’ll answer this for you-yes. But, if your information is highly conceptual, reliant on heavy description text, or dependent on explanation, then you need a different design solution.
  3. Do YOU understand it? If you’re trying to make sense of something you don’t understand, translating the information visually won’t help. The key to making something easy to understand is simplifying it, and it can only be simplified if you understand it.
  4. Do you have a hierarchy? It can be tempting with infographics to pile in lots of information about lots of different things. Although a well-designed infographic can deliver a lot of information, you must prioritize. Think about the order in which you want the viewer to learn and plan around that.
  5. Do you have a great designer? If not, hire or consult one for the execution. Displaying information in a visually compelling way requires a firm understanding of how the eye reads a page, knowledge of color theory, expertise in where to allow “white space” for visual rest, and a hundred other nuances that will facilitate viewers understanding of information. If you don’t have these skills mastered, consult or hire someone that does. Don’t let the great information you’ve just compiled, crunched, and prioritized lose value in the execution phase.

So the next time you’re ready to create an infographic, follow these simple rules. You’ll be on the way to creating the next great visual for your client or brand.

Christian Bennin is the Associate Art Director at CRAFT | Media/Digital.

Christian’s passion and dedication to creating impactful design informs every project she works on. Her love of film, nature and information drives her to create design that is informative and beautiful. Christian comes from the corporate universe, previously doing work for Corporate Executive Board, Bally Total Fitness, HzO and EcoNova.