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CRAFT Wins 2013 Google Engage All-Star Competition

We are excited to announce that CRAFT | Media/Digital has been named a 2013 Google Engage All-Star.  Digital Advertising and Marketing Specialist, Andrew Burk, managed the online advertising campaigns during the length of the contest. This win represents CRAFT’s ability to achieve growth for our clients by both meeting and exceeding specific online advertising and marketing goals.

The Google Engage program helps to enhance companies that offer online planning and strategy, website design and development, digital engagement and search engine marketing. Once a year, Google gives 14,000 leading agencies worldwide the chance to compete to show the most growth for their clients using the search engine’s marketing platform, of which only 200 agencies are invited to attend. In order to be selected as a winner, CRAFT had to reach specific pay-per-click goals across all active marketing and advertising campaigns.

Partner Matthew Dybwad and Andrew Burk, will represent CRAFT at the summit in Google’s California headquarters August 12th. At the Engage event, the pair will receive insights about market trends, one-on-one consultations with Google managers, a tour of Googleplex and more.

Expect the two to share what they learn and their experience right here on CRAFT Framework and for live updates be sure to follow them on Twitter: @mdybwad and @AndrewABurk