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Does chewing gum make you immune to advertising?

For most of us going to the movies means two things: lots of trailers and lots of snacks.

It turns out, however, that the popcorn and chewing gum you’re indulging in may actually be effecting the way your brain receives advertisements. A recent study published in the Journal of Commercial Psychology suggests that the simple of act of chewing makes viewers significantly less likely to respond to ads – the implications of which stretch far beyond the silver screen.

What does this mean for digital advertising? Perhaps it means that advertisers should take into consideration what activities consumers are engaged in while online. For example – when driving traffic to an organization’s event landing page, video placements  could be day-parted to avoid users who are likely to be eating dinner. Greater ad effectiveness during ‘off-meal’ times could yield  deeper insight into when target audiences are least distracted.

Gum as Interference