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We Hold These “Truths” To Be False

In politics, there are “truths” that exist — until they are refuted by actual facts. These “truths” are a result of promises from candidates or previous experiences. Examples of these include: “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor,” and “Republicans trail Democrats when it comes to digital campaigning.”

The first has already been debunked. This election year, expect the second to be disproved.

While Republicans had ceded digital supremacy in previous elections, the gap has closed, and Republicans no longer trail Democrats on the technology front. In Darren Samuelsohn’s recent POLITICO article, “The Battle for Digital Supremacy,” CRAFT Partner, Matthew Dybwad, highlighted this by pointing out: “There are no tools absent in the toolbox on our side…At this point, it’s really about smart use and it’s not about clamoring for the shiny object that we don’t have.”

His analysis is spot on. The parties are no longer separated with regard to access to technology. As we move into 2014 and beyond, it will be savvy use of digital technology that will influence elections and help smart campaigns win before they even get to November.

CRAFT has been at the forefront of closing the technology gap. Last year, we launched our own Agency Trading Desk, CRAFT Levers, that provides clients direct access to premium display, social, and video inventory across the internet. This direct access means our advertising experts are in total control of each campaign, making optimization decisions based on real-time data, and ensuring our clients’ campaigns are reaching the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

CRAFT stays ahead of the curve by powering our campaigns with the best data available. This includes a new agreement with Data Trust that provides CRAFT with access to key Republican Party voter segments in competitive districts across the country. CRAFT Levers identifies and targets key audience segments with persuasion and GOTV messaging, positioning our clients for efficient and effective voter engagement needed to win in November.

The truth is: the digital gap is closed. The new battlefront centers on how campaigns will deploy data to effectively leverage digital technology to reach the right audiences, with the most persuasive message. It is imperative that Republicans make the most of these powerful tools at our disposable. As we’ve seen in the past, failing to effectively identify, target, and engage key audiences online leads to campaign losses on Election Day.

To learn more about CRAFT’s efforts and Levers, please visit: www.CRAFTdc.com/Levers.